As with anything else, there are new ways to purchase liquor online. It is not surprising though considering you can purchase prescription drugs online as well. It seems that these websites offering liquor online are doing better for some store owners than the actual shops are. Sales are skyrocketing out of control with this new home delivery of liquor. What makes this new venue for purchasing liquor so great to drinkers?

It seems that the larger percentage of sales are found in the business and corporate arenas. Apparently, it is easier and cheaper of a larger business to purchase their spirits through the internet than it is for them to go down the street and buy from a local dealer. Another large contributor to the increase in sales of the websites offering liquor online comes from an international customer base. It seems that the range of spirits sold over the internet is more easily shipped in this way than any other.

It is important for any store to find a way to increase sales but, is it really safe to buy alcohol in this way? What about the minors who now are being offered a way to purchase alcohol illegally through these sites offering liquor online? Who will be there to check their age? It seems that all that is required for a minor to buy alcohol is a valid credit card. A few underage college students have conducted experiments and have been delivered cases of alcohol that would never have been available otherwise.

How are the state and federal guidelines going to cover this type of sale? With all the stiff regulations already in place for the brick and mortar alcohol sales, the federal and state governments may need to sit down and discuss new ways to regulate this up and coming marketplace. It really comes as no surprise to many with the all the other things available on the internet and should have been planned for from the start. The many years of wine sales on the internet should have been an indicator that stopping internet alcohol sales would just not be feasible in the future.

I would think the real appeal for many is going to be the fact that you no longer need to go to the local liquor store where you are in the company of other prying eyes. Alcoholism has always been a lonely disease and with the new websites offering liquor online, those with a secret to hide will have less trouble concealing it. Liquor online also allows many to avoid the bad elements that seem to be around many of the inner city liquor stores.

Liquor stores may be a great selling technique for the store owners but a not so good idea for the general public as it is right now. It will take some time and effort to get this new liquor online to a safe place for not only those who are selling it but those who enjoy drinking it.

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