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To understand what makes liquor alcohol different from alcohol itself, we need to take a look at what each is individually. To begin to see the difference between liquor alcohol and plain alcohol, it is essential that you understand the common link between them which is ethanol. Ethanol has no color and contains a unique fragrance. It is highly flammable as is no secret to most people. When sugar mixtures are fermented, Ethanol is formed. Ethanol has been used in history as a depressant and this is the main cause for alcoholism.

Now that you have a view of what ethanol is, we can begin to discuss the definition of alcohol. Alcohol is not considered to be an ingredient in most of the common drinks but is defined more specifically as the drug these drinks contain. This is why alcoholic drinks give you the euphoric effect when you drink them. Alcohol also contains various mixtures of grain, fruit, and vegetables depending on the recipe used. The type of alcohol formed from the fermentation of these ingredients will give you different flavors and effects when you drink them.

Alcohol is also formed from other ingredients and can be made without the ethanol. When other items are used, you get a different form of alcohol not suitable for internal use. Rubbing alcohol is still an alcohol but does not have any qualities of a liquid that can be consumed nor does it contain Ethanol. It is never a good idea to drink any other alcohol product than the ones specifically made for human consumption. Consuming alcohol in other forms can be deadly to you.


Now, we will talk about liquor and what it is. This will show you how the liquor alcohol and plain are different from one another. Liquor is commonly known by such names as Rum, Whiskey, Gin, or Brandy. Liquor is a drink that has alcohol as an ingredient. For reference, all liquor is alcohol but not all alcohol is liquor. Are you confused yet? Let me explain.

Beverages like beer, fruit containing wines, and those beverages containing malt are not classified as liquor but as an alcohol only. These previous three types of alcohol are fermented not distilled. When a beer, wine, or malt beverage is steam distilled, a liquid is formed and this is what we call liquor. The distillation process gives you a higher alcohol content than the original form of alcohol used. This is why whiskey is higher in alcohol content than beer.

It seems to come down to a conclusion that is simple to understand. Without alcohol you would have no liquor drinks and without liquor, you would be reduced to alcohol that has lower alcohol content and less of a euphoric feeling. Without either variety of these fine spirits, mixed drinks would not taste the same and the world would be a pretty dull place for some of us to live in. I hope this has helped to cleared up the liquor and alcohol mystery.


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