A cabinet liquor can be stored in came about in the early twentieth century when it was not fashionable for anyone to have spirits of any kind out in the open. Prohibition made it illegal to have any alcohol and the need for such a cabinet became necessary. These special cabinets were designed to be like any other piece of furniture so it would fit in with the general d├ęcor and not be noticed. Hutches were the common furniture that often held secret cabinet liquor could be hidden in quite nicely.

When prohibition ended, the cabinet liquor was stored in became a bold furniture piece and was easily recognizable for what it was. When the secretiveness of the cabinet was no longer there, the need to hide your spirits also vanished with it. It is now an item that has become one of want instead of necessity in the common household. Most individuals have found that installing a bar or a bottle dispenser is better and much easier to manage.

In the past, it was common to have any kind of alcohol one could get because of the ban. This usually meant the cabinet liquor was stored in contained a homemade alcohol variety. Today, special care is given to the contents of that cabinet and planning is carried out to ensure every need is being met.

To properly fill a cabinet liquor can be stored in safely, you need a list of these items:

  1. Rum - for those drinks containing soda and nights of card playing with friends.
  2. Gin - for those drinks that need an extra dry touch to them.
  3. Tequila - for drinking with the wild crowd.
  4. Vodka - for times when nothing else will work.
  5. Whiskey - for drowning your sorrows effectively.
  6. Triple Sec - for just about anything you can imagine.
  7. Vermouth - for special occasions when a martini is the only appropriate drink to have.

In this special cabinet, liquor need not be the only thing you add. It is also essential to have your favorite juices and colas available. Also, do not forget the tonic water and other additives such as olives that might be needed for those martinis or special drinks. With time and experience, you will be able to add or delete those items essential to your drinking time. You may find adding new spirits to the cabinet will bring about a whole new recipe selection for making drinks. Experiment with what works for you.

Glassware and accessories make the cabinet complete. There are many sizes and designs to compliment your drinking taste. Engraved glassware is great for those of a classic nature while those with a taste for the novelty items may enjoy sports logos or other such decorations adorning their glassware.

Prohibition proved to be a good thing for the descendants of the future as it brought us a new way to look at how we store our spirits. Cabinets to hold liquor are not merely a piece of furniture as they have become but a way to remember the good times that were had by all.

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