Antique liquor bottles are not as rare today as they once were. They are becoming the major topic for many collectors and the selection on the internet is ever increasing. When the bottles were first produced in the early nineteenth century it was not even assumed that such an item would be on collector's shelves today. They were simply created to hold the fine spirits that were at times prohibited from consumption by the general public. As the popularity of the spirits increased, so did the need for more and more specialty bottles to distinguish the many brands. Now, with mass production of these items, the antique liquor bottle has been replaced with the machine quality liquor bottles. Never again will we see the craftsmanship that is in each and every one of the antique liquor bottle designs as they were so lovingly formed into from the past decades.

To find one of these unique antique liquor bottle designs one only needs to search through the many websites offering them for sale. You will find that you will be bombarded with colors and shapes of all kinds. To truly be an antique liquor bottle collector, you will need to bring an open mind and an open checkbook. Careful consideration of the item you are getting online will save you heartache later on. Make sure what you are buying is truly what they are selling.

Some of the more common antique liquor bottle designs are made from blown or shaped glass. During the particular era in which these were created, colors and molds were limited to what could be made by hand. Some of the shapes you will encounter seem to be very strange indeed but strange seems to be what makes an antique great. For those with a taste for a little more than the glass variety of antique liquor bottle, you may be one of the fortunate ones to find a handcrafted silver or gold item.

It is very important to focus your search on those antique liquor bottle designs that offer a full bottle with the original spirits still entacted. Before purchasing, look at he bottle carefully to make sure the seal is not broken and that the entire bottle shows no signs of being tampered with. It would be a real shame in the later years to discover what you thought was an antique liquor bottle was really a replica containing colored water.

Remember, long ago care was given to each and every item that was created by hand. Try to consider the conditions they were created in and also who might have been the one doing the crafting. For a true collector, the worth is not in just the bottle itself but the history behind it. If you are willing to share in this time honored tradition of owning your own collecting of antique liquor bottle designs, make sure you also take the time to learn how to care and display them properly so they can be an asset for other generations to come.

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