Liquor is defined as any alcoholic beverage that has been processed through distillation methods instead of fermentation. This means that alcohols like wine or beer are exposed to high amounts of steam. As the ingredients break down from the steam, a separate liquid is produced. This liquid is sold as various forms of flavored liquor. Whatever types of ingredients you use before distillation begins will determine the flavor you have afterwards. Say you choose mint as one of the ingredients; you will have minty favored liquor. There are many types of professional made liquor you can choose from. Some of these include brandy, vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey. Each has its own unique flavor and is made using very different ingredients.

Brandy is one of the better known types of liquor. It is often used as a relaxing drink after a high class dinner party or with a more sophisticated crowd. The price of the brandy usually reflects this also. Brandy is not liquor that can be guzzled down. It needs to be sipped from a brandy snifter that allows it to receive the proper amount of air. The fragrance of brandy is consistent with the grape wine it is made from. The common aging process for brandy is completed in wood barrels usually made from oak. If brandy liquor is not aged, a caramel coloring is added to it to give it the look and taste of the oak wood.

Vodka is a unique beverage in itself and projects this in its one of a kind flavor. Vodka is usually clear and contains anywhere from 30 percent to 80 percent alcohol content. The ingredient s used to make vodka are very straightforward and consist of water and ethanol. Some companies have expanded their vodka lines to contain other flavors including mandarin orange, cranberry, raspberry, or mint. When used straight, vodka is added to many mixed drink recipes. A screwdriver is made by adding orange juice to the vodka.

Gin is distilled liquor made from the juice of the juniper berry. Some other variations contain botanical ingredients like anise, licorice, cinnamon, or coriander. Most gin is referred to as dry liquor. This means it does not provide any sweetness to the drink it is added to.

Rum is the all time favorite for many individuals because it is the mildest of the liquors. Rum is found to be from a clear mixture to a dark brown mixture. The darker the rum the sweeter it is. Rum is the favorite liquor for drinks containing soda as it does not add to the sweetness of the carbonated drink being used. The darker rum is used for cooking recipes as the maple and other sugar it contains gives a wonderful sweet aroma and taste.

Whiskey is definitely an acquired taste for many as this liquor is made from a mixture known as mash. Mash is a concoction of many grains including wheat, barley, hops, wheat, rye, and corn. Whiskey is more commonly associated with Ireland and Scotland but is also individual to many other countries by the type of recipe of grains used.

No matter what type of taste you have, you will surely be able to find a liquor to compliment it. Try many different ones until you find that perfect mix to bring about that euphoric feeling.

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